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Again, our representatives are all working people. We worked in the field before we worked to serve our members.

Maybe you or someone you know could benefit from our service. If you are performing the work of a Carpenter or Millwright now but are not happy with your situation, maybe we can help. Perhaps you are concerned about a spouse that is working in unsafe conditions. We can help by looking into the problem for them. Our representatives work throughout the state in all sectors of construction. Whether you or someone you know is working in the residential, commercial, or industrial market, we are interested in getting to know them and helping them achieve their full potential.

Don't be nervous about contacting us. Some people are skeptical or anxious about talking to a Union representative because they are afraid of losing their job. Did you know that it is illegal (National Labor Relations Act) for an employer to fire an employee for talking to a Union representative?

Tell us about yourself and your situation. If you would like to receive some information about our Union, we can send it to you by mail if you'd rather not receive a phone call. If you'd like to talk to a representative, just give us your phone number and let us know a good time to get in touch with you. Or, if you'd rather just get some information by email and remain anonymous at this time, we can help you that way too.

You see, we're not out to break up companies or get you fired. On the contrary, if you are a Carpenter or Millwright, we would like to feed your interest in our Union. It benefits us by having you and your fellow workers as members. Aren't you and your family worth the time it takes to get some information about better wages and safer conditions?

Please fill out the contact form on our contact page and tell us a little bit about yourself. You can fill out as much or as little of the form as you like. Even if you have a question about what your employer can and cannot do, we can probably help out. Between all the representatives in the state our experience in the labor movement is extensive. If you feel uncomfortable after talking to us, you need not continue your relationship with us. We're here to help workers.

Please contact our office with any questions about the application procedure or location.




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