The Life of a Non-Signatory Contractor You have worked hard to build your business and keep it going. Running a business is hard work. Keeping it performing at its best is even harder. Most contractors start out and get a few jobs and do pretty well at them because their overhead is low and their workers are loyal. After a few good paying jobs though, your company starts to grow and you need help. Your overhead starts to soar and you have trouble manning jobs or have a hard time finding the qualified labor needed to perform the quality work you need to produce. You started this business to make money and you seem to be constantly fighting to keep it on its feet. If you are one of the lucky ones, you have managed to keep your company running well but are hard pressed to find a steady source of qualified labor for the positions you need to fill on your expanding project list. You may also have a hard time finding qualified supervision to oversee your expanding business. Are we close? What Most Contractor’s Desire Most contractors desire the ability to run their business without having to get involved in every aspect of the process. Initially, they loved the fact that they were part of the entire process but now they find that it leaves them no time whatsoever to do anything but work. Didn’t you start your own business to get ahead? Contractors always need qualified labor and supervision. They need reliable workers who can get the job done the first time and the supervision to see that everything on the job is organized. By simply having those elements your business can grow and you can avoid the “growing pains” that most contractors feel when they attempt to expand.