General Info

OSHA training required

Many job site location are requiring OSHA 10 training before a member is eligible for hire. It is up to you to make sure that you have this training class. These classes are given regularly at your area Labor Education and Development offices (see contacts page). Or contact your Local union to find out when the next scheduled class is to be given.

Jobsite Basics

This section is dedicated to apprentices who are getting started or who have not performed certain types of work. The staff at the Carpenter Training Center will post, as needed, outlines of specific job tasks to help an apprentice keep their head above water on their first few days on the job. These will include basic tool lists, common slang names of materials used, and brief descriptions of the work. If you have something to add or would like to see something added, please let us know. This section will grow in time.

Paypal will no longer be an option for paying Dues. If you are a member of a WV local, you can call 304-842-5431 to make a payment by phone with debit or credit card. You can continue to mail checks or money orders to 609 Broadway – Bridgeport WV 26330.

We are now processing automatic payments for dues, with a VISA or MC on file. Requirements: Must be paid through the current quarter to start: Ex: To start on April 1, you must be paid through March. Payments will be processed 4 times per year on the following dates ONLY and will be for that quarter: Jan 1, April 1, July 1, and Oct 1. To register, you must fill out the form with the required information and send it to Bridgeport.

Form is  Credit Card Dues Authorization.pdf